360 Sprint Class Rules

A.   All bodies and body components shall be of an upright         design and sprint car appearance
B.   The definition of an upright design is a conventional front     mounted engine in which the vertical position is to be         maintined as closely as possible with a maximum of 1/2 "     offset
C.   The driver may not be positioned in front of the engine
D.   The driver may not be positioned on the side of the         engine
E.   The driver may not be positioned beside the drive shaft

A.   Chassis main rails and roll cage will be constructed of steel tubing  of 1 3/8" minimum and of .095 wall thickness

Wheel Base
A.    Minimum wheelbase shall be 84" measured from the         center of the front hub to the center of the rear hub
B.  MAximum wheelbase shall be 90"
A.   Any make automobile engine originally produced by an     american automobile manufacturer
B.   Engine block must be cast iron
C.    Maximum displacement , including clearance and wear         shall not exceed 365 cubic inches
A.   Cast iron or aluminum heads allowed
B.   Porting, polishing, grinding or port matching allowed
C.   Grinding or polishing in the valve bowl area is allowed

A.   All drive lines mus be broken in the the coupler or rear         slider
B.    All drivelines must be enclosed and contain no more         than 1 u-joint and that must be in the front of the             driveline
Rear Ends
A.   Optional
B.   Quick change allowed

A.   All Suspension must be mchanical with no form of             electrical assistance
B.   No independant rear suspension

A.   Maximum size shall be 25 feet square on the top             horizontal section
B.    Wing may be no wider than 60"
C.    Wing may not extend further than the outer edge of the     rear tire being run
D.    Maximum size of verticl side panels shall be no more         than 10 square feet per side , including lip on top and         bottom
E.    No flaps or rudders may be attached to the side boards     or center sections
F.    The top wing must be parallel tothe ground
G.    Maximum size of nose wing shall be 2"x3"
A.   All cars must have a minimum of two hydraulic brakes
B.   One brake front , one brake rear
C.   Brakes must be kept in good orking order

A.   Foam rubber insert wheel covers will be the only type of     wheel cover accepted

Fuel Cell
A.    Use of fuel cell is required in all cars
B.   Fuel cell shall be securely mounted
C.   Use of fuel shut off valve required, valve will be in reach     of driver while strapped in car
D.   Use of vinyl or plastic fuel lines not allowed

A.   Fuel is restricted to gas or methanol
B.   No additives allowed
C.   Fuel is subject to testing at any time by track official